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Friday, July 07, 2006

The start of work

Monday get started with a new job. First two days are unberably long. I am given a bunch of papers to read through. No computer or telephone: from office appliances I have a dusty hole puncher and a financial calculator. Meet a bunch of CEU BS graraduates, both in pricing and accounting departments.

During a study session with my boss on the first day, after about one hour I suddenly get sleepy and simultaneously my stomach starts making quite loud bubbling noises. Feel embarassed, while at the same time trying to stay awake and not to yawn.

While handwriting these notes into a notebook, I vaguely recall a story (must have been some movie or from Dostoyevsky?) where a young guy gets kicked out from his job after notes he was taking while in bureau were found.

All colleagues around seem glued to their desks and laptops, they dont take breaks or go out for a coffee.. It does not seem there is anything like grab a laptop and go to work in a cafe nearby. Things are picking up in the second half of the week - I get a hold of a few things I have been studying, get a laptop and get to know the colleagues a bit.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Moving Friday through Sunday. These days it is unbearably hot. Sunday going to the Indian festival. We almost get lost trying to find our way there with Magda, but then stick to some Indian guys we meet on the way, and finally make it there. Meet Naresh and Vaibhav, have lunch, try on nice Indian dresses and have my kundalini opened by a Belgian yoga woman. After the festival watch football with Mihaela and Bryan in a pub on Hegyalja utca, and then catch up with Steve on the Chain bridge.

Monday busy visiting my future employer and my pension fund. Tuesday after lunch meet Ira at Keleti, where her train is late by an hour. As we wait for a trolleybus to take us home, it turns out that there is no electricity on the 76 bus line and nobody knows when it will be fixed.

Wednesday visit Peter in the morning and go shopping with Ira. Long nap in the afternoon after which I prepare lunch, which becomes a success. The weather is changing and I am slipping into a depression.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Drop by at Lia’s, who also gives me a big box, which spares the trouble of going to Ikea. On the way from Lia’s place, on a bus, start talking to a guy who carries several DVDs with Seinfeld episodes. He promises to lend me his copies. Friday night program: packing and moving.

Swim on Saturday morning, meet Terri at renovated Ket Szerecsen, which has nearly doubled in size after renovation. Drop by at Steve-the-painter’s gallery, where I get introduced to his acquaintance as a Russian teacher.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Still no internet connection. Looking forward to moving this weekend. Packing is a mess.
To avoid unnecessary physical activity of going up and down the staircase, I am throwing things from the loft down on the couch. So far so good. But it is such a mess really that I escape and hang out at school. Go to Ikea for more cardboard boxes.

No Internet connection for a week

Last Monday meet up with ex-Asylum to watch US–Czeska football match at Friday’s. Janos seems to get upset when I refuse to give him a puszi because he looks like he lost his razor. Have to rush off in the middle of the game to be on time to the Depeche Mode concert with Maka, which turns out really cool. Graduation party later last week, going up and down the river on a boat.

Get a timely reminder from Comparative Sociology about book review that was due back in May. Sticking around at school trying to read that terrible "Oil: Politics, Poverty and the Planet" by journalist Shelley, just to be convinced that a good journalist does not necessarily make a good writer. Energy in geopolitical games, resource curse, climate change and alternative fuels - you name it, all is there.

Catching up on swimming and movies. Keeping Mum with Atkinson is strangely funny, with a granny housekeeper discharging death sentences whenever she thinks they necessary for the happiness and well being of her loved ones (killing her daughter’s lover, a neighbor, and dumping bodies in the nearby pond). God has mysterious ways, indeed.

The Road to Guantanamo on Sunday is far less cheerful, but is a must to see. Monday’s Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino is a primer in Jewish studies, although a bit of a bore. Al Pacino’s jew is far more sympathetic than Jeremy Irons’ merchant or sexy homofilial Bassiano.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Diagnose me

Sunday night can not sleep and start filling out an online diagnostic questionnaire “Diagnose Me” which takes about two hours. It makes me realize that I have (had) so many health problems, that the best I can do is think not about them.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


The slums of district VII of Budapest are celebrating their poverty and ugliness in the annual fete of lomtalanítás.. All the rubbish accumulated during a year, dirty and ugly as it gets, is thrown out to the streets, piled up and is waiting to be picked up by the collectors. In the meanwhile gypsies are guarding their find, waiting for their folks to come over with trucks, occasionally fighting off the intruders. Hey, passerby, don’t you even try to look displeased at the nauseating sight and odor on the streets, you will get your pin from the folks. It is their weekend.

Friday skip alumni dinner but make it to a massage with Peter at the CEU sports center. It was really good – I guess more like manual therapy than massage. Watch Poland lose to Ecuador on the first night of the football world cup 2006.

Saturday it rains again. Starting at noon I am taking corporate finance exam, which lasts three hours.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Welcome, summer. Cold and rainy, it comes together with a sinusitis and, as a consequence, hypochondria and a panic attack. Today being yet another national holiday, I am not able to get myself a painkiller and thus suffer quietly in pain.

Lunch with Oren and some new Seinfelds relieve my humeur mauvais, although only temporarily. Catching up on the news with International Herald Tribune that has kindly offered me a four-week trial subscription. No progress on the thesis.

As I decided to move out of Vera’s flat, quite miraculously things start falling apart: boiler exploding in the bathroom, gas pipe split open, shower cord falling apart. Wait to see what happens next.